Gaming as a Teaching Tool: 10 Reasons

Gaming is one of the most effective means of teaching today. The reason for this is the desire of children of this age to play computer games. Optimally selected games contribute to the comprehensive development of schoolchildren and help them expand their knowledge and develop useful skills. Our experts have selected the top reasons why gaming is a good teaching tool.

Playing MMORPG video games

Games of this type provide schoolchildren with constant communication with other players to achieve certain game results. They have created conditions for training the communication skills of schoolchildren. The most popular games of this type are Lost Ark and World of Warcraft.

Playing Action video games

In games of this type, there is a need to interact with other game characters. However, the game characters are computer models, not real people. This will also allow forming the student’s communication skills and logical thinking. These are such games as God of War, Batman, Spider-Man, etc.

Playing RTS games

Games of this type involve the need to perform several tasks at the same time as well as quickly switch between them. RTS games create perfect conditions for the development of analytical thinking. These are games like Frostpunk, SpellForce 3: Fallen God, etc.

Playing language games

Playing language games allows developing skills that are necessary for learning the desired language. These games are very effective, especially for 5-8 years old kids. Such titles are popular as Wordshake, Magnetic Poetry, etc.

Playing math games

Math games develop logic and critical thinking. It is useful to give games of this type as homework to schoolchildren 8-11 years old. There are plenty of such games on the Web. Teachers are offered to select any of them according to their teaching needs.

A useful tool for involving children in the learning process

Games help children get involved in the learning process much faster. This is especially true for children 4-6 years old.

Game is a real holiday for a kid

Beautifully drawn and funny children's computer games provide them with a lot of interesting things. They are fully aimed at ensuring that the kids develop and improve their knowledge.

Control of attention

Video games are great for developing a teenager's attention span. The level of involvement in the game process is equal to the control of attention. In some games, you need to be attentive to details because the clues are indirect, and without noticing them, you will not solve the riddle.

Development of reaction

The ability to make quick decisions will be useful to children in other areas of their life. For example, shooters perfectly develop this skill.

Improvement of achievement motivation skills

Another advantage of video games as a teaching tool is that they are aimed at achievement motivation. It is not always possible to pass the game level the first time. However, the child learns to overcome difficulties, trying to cope with the task again and again.

The educational sphere has been developing fast recently. Today, schoolchildren can develop and enjoy education through games. Now, you have ten reasons why computer games can be effective teaching tools. You can use them to teach your kids by yourself.