What Is the Best CPU for Game Streaming

The average user rarely thinks about the amount of RAM and what kind of CPU he has in his computer. For an active fan of computer games, this question is fundamental due to the fact that modern games require a high-speed processor and a large amount of free RAM. And for a player who decided to start streaming the game, without providing the necessary capacities of his PC, it is better to postpone the idea of streaming for now. Start by finding and purchasing the best CPU that can handle two tasks at the same time:

  • playing flawlessly
  • streaming to one of the video hosting

What Specifications Of CPU To Pay Attention To

If your friends tell you the model of the best CPU that performs well on their computers, don't rush to buy it. The specifications of your PCs may not match. A CPU that works perfectly in one case may be useless in another. Therefore, if you do not have the task of buying a new computer with the specified CPU, first study all the parameters of your PC.

Motherboard Compatibility

The main element that may not be compatible with the CPU is the motherboard. See how old it is and whether it will support the selected processor.

Compatibility With Computer Case

A powerful processor requires a cooling system, otherwise, it will overheat. Therefore, you need to install it along with the cooler. There should be enough space in the PC case to accommodate both.

Number of Cores

The number of cores directly affects the power of the computer. The more tasks the user puts before it, the more powerful the processor should be. For the vast majority of games, you can get by with a quad-core processor. For streaming, this will not be enough, you need to add at least two more. But since the best CPUs come with 12 cores, this will be more than enough for streaming.

Competition Between Intel and AMD for Gamers' Sympathies

The choice of processor manufacturer comes down to just two competitors — AMD and Intel. But this does not greatly simplify the selection process itself, since it is important to decide on the following important criteria:

  • processor generation
  • its performance
  • compliance of the price with the tasks set

Intel is more popular due to the demand from laptop manufacturers. AMD is considered a better option for gamers due to its higher performance. With both companies, you can choose the right option without even spending a huge amount of money on it. After all, the gamer is not faced with the task of buying the most powerful processor. The price for such a product is incredibly fantastic. It is enough to purchase a CPU that will cope with the job of simultaneously playing and streaming.

CPUs to Consider for Purchasing

When choosing a specific model in terms of price/performance, do not forget to consider the following options that are popular among gamers today:

  • Intel® Core™ i7 processor or Intel® Core™ i9 processor
  • AMD Ryzen 5 3600l or AMD Ryzen 9 5900X

To learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each of the processors, it is not enough to read the specifications offered by the manufacturer. It is better to find a suitable section on the forums for gamers and study a more objective picture.